Courtlandt Butts

Equity Transformation Specialist

Courtlandt Butts has led racial equity transformation efforts with Courageous Conversation™ focused on law enforcement, community development, and health equity. He also trains corporate leaders in advertising, technology, and business innovation. Courtlandt received his BA at Florida A&M University and his MS at the University of Northern Iowa.

Hiria Cameron

Equity Transformation Consultant

Hiria Cameron has been working to transform lives through education for almost 20 years. With successes in higher education, organizational development, and industry-based learning, Her heart work is with young people – and supporting them to channel their optimism, raw passion, and energy to foster racial equity and healing.

Sonya Collie

Equity Transformation Consultant

Sonya Collie runs the Operations for the Courageous Conversation South Pacific Institute. Sonya is particularly interested in working in partnership with Indigenous Māori women to disrupt systemic racism. She holds three degrees from the University of Cape Town, South Africa: BA, Hons, and a Master degree in cultural anthropology.

David Davidson

Equity Transformation Specialist

Formerly Director for Racial Equity at West Wind Education Policy, David Davidson worked to establish and lead statewide consortia on racial equity in PreK-12 education. He is uniquely informed on the purpose, role, influence and impact of race, policy and practice in the lives of families, children and communities.

Dr. Matthew Farry

Managing Director, Courageous Conversation South Pacific Institute

Matthew Farry holds a doctorate in cultural anthropology from the University of Otago in New Zealand. Dr. Farry has served in the Office of Ethnic Communities in the New Zealand government. Matthew is the 2014 International Racial Equity Leadership Award for Courageous Conversation.

David Gonzales

Certification Program Manager

David Gonzales is the Project Manager for Certification at Courageous Conversation™. The certification program is designed to work with partner organizations in identifying individuals who are ready to learn and grow in the foundational work of Courageous Conversation About Race. The certification program seeks to change outcomes and lives, starting with ourselves.

Andrea Johnson

Executive Director, Courageous Conversation Global Foundation

A native of Detroit, Andrea Johnson holds a BFA from Marygrove College, and MAT from Wayne State University. A highly skilled facilitator and trainer, Ms. Johnson is also a contributing author in the text, Courageous Conversations About Race, Second Edition (2015)

Dawan Julien

Equity Transformation Specialist

Dawan Julien, a visionary leader, has worked for racial equity for more than two decades. Ms. Julien holds a B.A. and M.A. from Columbia University. She began her career as a Bilingual/ESL educator in the South Bronx. She and her family reside in Harlem, New York City.

Marcus Moore

Equity Transformation Specialist

Marcus Moore’s racialized lessons ignited a passion for social justice. As Bobby Jones Scholar at the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland, Marcus began his doctoral studies in Anthropology. He speaks to issues of racial equity for corporate leadership.

Kat Poi

Equity Transformation Consultant

Kat Poi (Tainui; Te Arawa; Tonga) has leadership and governance experience in higher education, prison education & training, and Māori-medium primary education settings. Kat holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Business and the Degree of Master of Indigenous Studies. Her doctoral study seeks to examine how Māori public servants experience White fragility.

Ayeshia Toy

Regional Project Manager - Texas

Ayeshia Toy is a strategic leader who has over 13 years experience partnering with organizational leaders. In her career, she has worked across various industries such as advertising, hospitality, government, and tech. She specializes in managing HR operations including immigration as well as diversity, equity, & inclusion initiatives, change management, and leadership coaching.

Luis Versalles

Director, PreK-12 District Partnerships

A second-generation Afro Cuban-American hailing from Bloomington, MN, Luis Versalles received his BA and M.Ed. from the University of Minnesota and superintendent licensure from MN State University, Mankato. His calling is transforming systems to center underserved students and families in preK-12 systems.

Brooke Gregory

Vice President

Brooke Gregory has over 25 years of experience as an educator, professional mentor and policy consultant. Her service to students, educators and community included teaching many age groups and serving as a school and district administrator. As an administrator, she provides key leadership in the advancement, hiring and retention of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian and multi-racial educators. Brooke was selected by founder and president, Glenn E. Singleton, as his successor (in 2023).

Glenn Singleton

Founder & President

Glenn Singleton, author, thought leader, and strategist, is the creator of Courageous Conversation™ a protocol and framework for sustained, deepened dialogue. Courageous Conversation™ is an agency that guides leadership development in education, government, corporation, law enforcement, and community organizing. He is the award winning author of Courageous Conversations About Race; A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools, Second Edition; and of MORE Courageous Conversations About Race.

CCAR Protocol: Grow and Practice (Part II)

Introduction to Courageous Conversation™  and Part I are the prerequisites for this Part II.

This seminar is part II in a series for the individual looking to continue to learn, grow, and practice the use of the Courageous Conversation™ Protocol.  This session of the three-part series will cover the Three Tiers (Six Conditions) as a tool for Courageous Conversations About Race. These tiers guide us through the requisite content and processes of racial dialogue in a way to examine the points at which race intersects in our world. 

(150 min.)

CCAR Protocol: Grow and Practice (Part III)

Introduction to Courageous Conversation™, Part I & Part II of series are prerequisites for this Part III.

Course Description:    This seminar is part III for the individual looking to continue to learn, grow, and practice the use of the Courageous Conversation™ Protocol. This three-part series of sessions unpacks the Protocol and provides participants many opportunities to engage and apply their learning with experiential activities and conversations centered on race. Part III of the series will cover putting all of the Protocol together to engage, sustain, and deepen Courageous Conversations About Race. The CCAR Protocol is essential in turning our passion into practice. 

(150 min.)

PLEASE NOTE: Participants trying to access after 30 minutes will not be permitted as this hinders the learning experience.

Pacific Educational Group, Inc. (PEG), DBA, Courageous Conversation is a San Francisco-based consulting firm, dedicated to forging racial equity in education, corporate, government, health care and community organization contexts. Founded by Glenn Singleton in 1992, Courageous Conversation™ engages in sustained partnerships to help examine beliefs, behaviors, and results in the US, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. We do so through intentional, facilitated, self-reflective dialogue focused on developing leadership, culture, and structures to transform systems through a lens of racial equity.

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